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Hello, and welcome to Jiyuu-Ni. If you're reading this, you're obviously curious who we are, or what we do. The answer is not revolutionary, but it may just be enough to make us special.

Basically, we host and design sites. However, we operate on the idea that sharing information via the Internet shouldn't be hugely expensive or painful. Jiyuu-Ni prefers to utilize flexible and inexpensive services for domains and DNS servers to keep costs down. This allows us to host small sites, which we call "projects".

a little about the name
Our name is a Japanese adverb that means "freely". This is not the "free" as in "free of charge", but rather the "free" as in "free to do what I wish". We enjoy our method of hosting sites, and place high value on the individual choices made in the design and construction of each. Our goal is simply to help people who have no further point in mind than to have their own "corner" of the Internet.

Thank you for visiting. Please check out some of our "project" sites, and enjoy the effort that has been put into each.